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Westways Carriage Horses the famous belgium friesians horses


Our horses unloading in Belgrave Square London
before attending a celebrity event in the West End

Our team of Friesian Horses
Our stable consists of pure bred Friesian horses often referred to as "Belgium Blacks"
The horses are fit and trained to a high standard
Our dedicated team of staff turn them out in the
highest possible standard at all times

Two of our young four year old stallions

Westways providing the top pair of horses to win once again at county shows with the famous Harrods delivery van to be seen regularly working in the West End of London

The Friesian horse
is gentle, honest, and intelligent Its black colour, long heavy mane and conspicuous fetlocks are typical of this trusty steed. Its friendly but lively character, as well as its intelligence and eagerness to learn make it possible to use the Friesian horse for many applications
Not only have they been used as coach horses, driving and show driving horses plus riding horses, they are also perfect for dressage.

The Friesian horse descends from the Equus robustus
During the 16th and 17th centuries, Arabian blood was
introduced, especially through Andalusian horses from Spain
This has given them the high knee-action, the small head and the craning neck. Because of their temperament the Friesian horse is considered warm blooded. Friesian's are a rare and beautiful bred

We love the Friesian horse and are privileged to have all Friesian horses


Behind The Scenes

Just a look at what happens behind the scenes in preparation for daily work and general care for our horses.
Farrier at work
Our Farrier hotshoeing Vector
Paul our reliable and trusted farrier at work hot shoeing one of the horses to ensure a more comfortable fit. Our horses are shod every four weeks
equine destist at work
The equine horse dentist visits our stables several
times every year to check our horses teeth and to carry out any work that is necessary to ensure our horses are always comfortable and happy in there work
hoof preparation

cleaning harness

Presentation and preparation of our horses and attention to detail is very important to us.
Shower time, most horses love water, there is nothing like a nice shower to relax those aching muscles. The solarium is ideal for preparing horses for the show ring, wedding days or promotional work. The lighting in the solarium emits heat creating a comfortable environment for the horses
Louisa one of our dedicated grooms preparing Titan prior to winning his class at the Royal International Horse Show Hickstead with the Harrods delivery van in the light trade class
Exercising a young team of horses on a winters day
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